Thanks Coca-Cola… I Guess.

Sending over a giant box filled with Coke bottles, the Coca-Cola giants' latest little project includes bringing together Eastern graphic designers from China (I can only assume Coke is going to be a huge sponsor for the ‘08 Olympics), and West-side-of-the hemisphere musicians— mostly DJs like Kaskade and Benny Benassi.

The point? “To interpret the ideas and passions that connect us— by sharing and expressing one of eight themes: Happiness, Active Optimism, Human Collaboration, Peace On Earth, Individual Perseverance, Healthy World, Uplifting Moments and Global Harmony.” Excuse me… barf.

The 8-track CD consists of saccharine-sweet world trance and dance. What else from a song inspired ny the concept of Global Harmony?

If only another thing to have to dust, the bottles are pretty to look at although… empty?! Great. Now what am I supposed to do with all this rum. So much for Active Optimism.

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