TGIF: Wild Flag is Coming to Pomona on Sunday! (Expect a Rolling Stone Cover or Two)

In this week's print feature by Billy Gil, Wild Flag's Carrie Brownstein talked about the aftermath of her previous band's breakup.

Most of the buzz about Wild Flag has to do with the fact that both Janet Weiss and Brownstein used to be in veteran riot grrl band Sleater-Kinney; Mary Timony (of Helium and the Mary Timony Band) and Rebecca Cole are also in it.

How did it come about?

“I enlisted Janet and Rebecca to help me with a score for a documentary film,” Brownstein explains. “The experience was really fun, and we decided to keep playing. Deciding to add Mary was a very logical choice for us. We're all old friends, and we love her music and playing style.”

When Gil wrote the story, there were no recordings of Wild Flag yet; instead there were descriptions such as: “What is the sound of an avalanche taking out a dolphin?” and “What do get when you cross a hamburger with a hot dog?”

As they kicked off their tour last week, we mined YouTube for a preview of Sunday's show. Watch Wild Flag's hamburger + hotdog rendition after the jump.

Rolling Stone cover, “Beast of Burden”

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