TGIF: Three Reasons to be Happy it's the Weekend (Including BrokeNCYDE!)

1. Today, Insane Clown Posse heirs brokeNCYDE will be performing their critically reviled music at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Show compassion this season and, er, listen without prejudice.


2. You could also drive to Echo Park and watch Laguna Hills native
Aloe Blacc wrap up his 2010 tourĀ  at the Echoplex. If there's anyone to
credit for hipsters loving neo soul, it would be him.

3. The Ziggens areĀ  out and about on Friday, with a show at
diPiazza's along with Corn Doggy Dog. According to Ned Raggett, “While forever associated with the impact of
Sublime via shared label connections and Bradley Nowell's open fandom,
the Ziggens' own way around punk and ska – not to mention their often
engagingly rude and ridiculous lyrics – made them almost
Descendents-like for a slightly later time, heartfelt but apt to hide it
under cartoonishness. Presumably they'll keep at it forever at this
point, homegrown heroes well into a third decade together.”

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