TGIF: The Vandals, X, Los Lobos, The Angry Samoans, Kottonmouth Kings and More



As for classic punk in general, who needs one word when all that's really needed is one letter: X. The stalwart band is now well into its fourth decade of seeing what can be done with a combination of sharp playing, sharper singing and not putting up with mediocrity; the “Xmas with X” may or may not signal a set of carols, but Mannheim Steamroller this isn't. (Thank God.) The inimitable Exene Cervenka, one of our featured interviewees in this week's music section, has spoken about how inspiring so many young musicians have been for her, so return the favor and catch the show:
That same evening is when the Kottonmouth Kings and (hed) P.E. will play together at the Grove in Anaheim, where they will be out to answer the question as to what the victory celebration of Prop. 19 probably would have sounded like (assuming Cypress Hill got added to the bill as well). While the Kings have always and probably will forever split audiences–if there's anyone who is simply mellow about them as opposed to either rabidly for or against, we've yet to meet them– they have made as good a claim as any to be hometown heroes over the years for a lot of folks:

Saturday continues the holiday punk celebrations with the appearance of Los Lobos at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. It's only appropriate that the band should play the evening after X, if in a different venue; the former Slash labelmates not only helped define a generation of musicians in LA, but Los Lobos, the subject of another one of our feature stories this week, rapidly became its own mix and match genre of Americana in the broadest sense – and across the continents at that.

Meanwhile, it wouldn't be the holidays in OC without the Vandals and their Christmas Formal this year entitled “How the Daily Variety Stole Christmas.” They'll be at the House of Blues on Saturday–and while it's pretty easy to guess what they'll be playing, that's precisely why they are loved. (Plenty of us on this end either know someone who will be there or other people who can't be going and will be railing against the fates that there's no opportunity to sing along with “Anarchyburger (Hold the Government).”) Assorted Jellybeans and the Go-Sheilas fill out the bill:

We've spoken before about the Colourist's monthlong stand at the Detroit Bar for their Monday residency slot, but there's nothing wrong with mentioning it again–because the Colourist are that good. (Hey, there's a reason we're running a Locals Only update on them this week, after all.) With Yellow Red Sparks, Honeypie, DJ Daria and others helping to fill out what's going to be the final night of that stand, it's bound to be a party and a half, so bring some wreaths, stockings, candy canes or just yourself and all your friends. You'll want to say you were there:

On Tuesday is another December residency spot, in this case at the Back Alley Bar and Grill in Fullerton–and one we were completely surprised and pleased to learn about. Dig got a bit lost in history after the early '90s, but their one big radio/MTV hit “Believe” still turns up here and there in flashback broadcasts and the like, a bit of grunge-era stomp matched with a kind of polished sheen that was as close to big-budget shoegaze as the time allowed. Turns out the band is still making music while its members have been doing other work in the meantime, so catch some new songs, old tunes and the signature one on top of it all.

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