TGIF: Thank God it's Friday, We Can Watch Tech N9ne

​Tonight, Tech N9ne will be making an appearance at the Grove of Anaheim, part of his Independent Grind tour featuring E-40, Jay Rock and plenty more. 


The Kansas City born MC is a classic example of a musician spending the time chasing the dream on his own term and paying the dues as he goes. He's guested on tracks as often as he's released his own, co-owned the Strange Music label for over a decade, soundtracked various films and ended up performing at both Rock the Bells and the Gathering of the Juggalos. Presumably world conquest will finally follow. 

A little further afield on Friday, Moon Pearl will be playing up at the Smell in Los Angeles, though you'll be able to catch them again the following Saturday at UC Irvine. But the Smell appearance is a well deserved success for Sam Farzin, founding figure of Moon Pearl, our Locals Only subject this week. Farzin's founding of the Acrobatics Everyday organization has helped regenerate underground rock in the county like nobody's business and there will be chaotic but good spirited noise in full abundance at both shows. (Not to mention copies of their debut-titled, but of course, Pearl Jam (DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE HERE!!!).

Saturday means the appearance of a U2-inspired Florida rock band that has gained plenty of radio airplay for its Christian-themed anthems at the House of Blues. Which perhaps makes us thank whatever deity is involved that it is not, in fact, Creed (because the world has had enough Scott Stapp for a lifetime). Instead, it's Anberlin, who have their own fondness for dark clothes and scraggly facial hair, but are a far more enjoyable prospect all around, not least because they love plenty of other acts from the classic KROQ-era like the Smiths and Depeche Mode.

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