TGIF: ¡Aparato!, Exodus, the Mildreds, the Mormons and the D-Strutters Plus the Last Acrobatics Everyday This Summer

What's going on this weekend, you ask? There's jarocho rock courtesy of ¡Aparato!, '80s thrash metal care of Exodus (Kirk Hammett's old band), the Mildreds in Long Beach and the last Acrobatics Everyday set of the summer in Irvine, with Little Teeth's neofolk. Catch that before it gets too cold!
Saturday finds ¡Aparato! making a scene-and quite happily at that-at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, in the latest EMC concert series. The focus of the Locals Only column this week, ¡Aparato! describe themselves as “conceptual art and music manifested through politicized expression”-which may sound a little extreme. But then again if you've ever enjoyed Public Enemy or Rage Against the Machine you're pretty much down with the whole idea already. Plus it's a free show and the openers are the Radioactive Chicken Heads, which about says it all.

Saturday also bring Exodus to town with their brand of “'80s thrash isn't dead” metal with a show at the Galaxy Concert Theatre along with Malevolent Creation and Holy Grail (and if the latter band breaks into a rendition of “We're The Knights of the Round Table,” more power to them). Exodus never completely broke through on the level of more famous acts but Kirk Hammett was a founding member before he went on to some garage combo called Metallica, so it's not like they don't have their place. Plus, Beavis and Butthead loved the flying skull in the “Hello From the Gutter” video, a true sign of at least partial approval.

Saturday also finds the triple bill of the Mildreds, the Mormons and the D-Strutters up at the Prospector in Long Beach-the middle band might not know everything there is about Prop 8 and Glenn Beck and all but you never know unless you show. As for the headliners, the Mildreds consist of Madge, Mamie, Dolly and Golda, profess a “shared love of butterscotch candies, sensible footwear and rocking out” on their Facebook page and have some videos on YouTube that make them sound like they need to be in a classic John Waters film. This is very much a compliment.

Sunday means one of the last shows from Acrobatics Everyday for the summer so it's time for another UC Irvine visit before all the students come back and wonder what's going on. This time around the multi-band bill is headlined by Little Teeth, with Vehicle Blues, Kevin Greenspon, Ancient Crux and Generifus rounding everything out. Little Teeth, a trio from San Francisco, apparently play everything from glockenspiel to gramolin so expect plenty of orchestration-perhaps in a one-man band style, if multiplied by three as needed.

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