Ten Strange Places to Find Pokémon in Orange County

POKÉMON GO!!! Throughout Orange County, there have already been societies formed, via social media, where group members get together in teams and collectively hunt for Pokémon characters. The following list includes some of the stranger places in OC these elusive virtual creatures have been found so far. Enjoy!

10. Chipotle Grill

While some Mexican food has a reputation for doing strange things to the stomach, many people take a safer path and dine at one of our fine, culturally-watered-down, Mexican American restaurant chains. But just when you thought it was safe to go back to the toilet… someone found a Goldeen (water-type Pokémon) in the toilet of a local Chipotle Grill. As if that wasn’t enough, a Magikarp was found under a dumpster behind the restaurant. Of the Mexican-American food chains, this experience reveals that Chipotle Grill has some of the most exotic fish available. Actually, further reports indicate that this isn’t the only Mexican-related joint these critters can be seen—Mi Casa in Costa Mesa, says Pokemón Go fanatics, is said to be “swarming with Pokémon.”

9. Sutra OC

The game is recommended for players 13 years of age and older, but some of the locations necessary to gather some of the Pokémon characters can be a bit more restrictive. The OC Weekly Reader’s Choice poll elected Sutra OC in Costa Mesa the Best Dance Club in OC. That was before Pokémon started showing up there. It would be interesting to see if this rating stands because if this place is actually a hot spot for Pokémon, then there might be an increase in obstacles for people who just want to dance — namely Pokémon players wandering around with their phones stretched out in front of them, as they try to catch ’em all.

8. Traditional Jewelers

While players are down in Newport trying to capture Pokémon, they will also benefit by stopping in at Traditional Jewelers at Fashion Island. Evidently, the jewelry store is a virtual treasure chest (in addition to being a retail one). The shop is happy to make use of this fact in their advertising, as is evident from their Twitter feed. Not a bad idea, either: come for the Pokémon, then buy a diamond ring!

7. Mission Viejo Dog Park

For those wanting to avoid the embarrassment of having to explain to a shopkeeper that they’re just frequenting an establishment so that they can catch Pokémon, the Mission Viejo dog park offers a cheap alternative. Players have been reporting that the park hosts not only Pokémon but also Pokémon gyms. This is a perfect solution for hands-off dog people and people with low-maintenance dogs; just leave the pooch to fend for itself, as nature intended, and then focus on your mobile device-centered activity. Voila! A new way to enjoy a day at the park!

6. Old Mission Cemetery

While in the Deep South of Orange County, why not pay a visit to the Old Mission Cemetery, in San Juan Capistrano? While rumors exist that ghosts may roam the grounds, it’s a sure bet that Pokémon do! Inappropriate? Sacrilegious? Perhaps it is, but then again it’s not nearly as offensive as some of the reports coming from Washington, DC, where people are being condemned for playing Pokémon Go at the Arlington National Cemetery and at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and catching a Koffing, a Pokémon whose weapon is poison gas. TOO SOON…

5. Sikh Center of Orange County

Regarding the border between the sacred and the profane, the Sikh Center of Orange County in Santa Ana is recruiting new members…new Pokémon members, that is. It is not clear whether players of Pokémon Go who visit the temple are required to carry a knife (functional or ornamental), as required of Sikhs. So far, the Sikh Center has tolerated Pokémon Go players—betcha the same wouldn’t happen inside a Mormon temple!

4. Pacific Ocean

Talk about baptism: there are plenty of Pokémon Go characters who love the water (beyond the obvious water-type characters). The piers of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Beach have been hot hunting spots for plenty of people who need a diversion from looking at beach bodies and the glory of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, Pokémon have even been spotted, and captured, in the water at Laguna Beach. Sounds like fun as long as players don’t have to swim out to them, which could result in getting hooked by a fisherman on the pier, getting attacked by one of those pesky sharks that have been swimming around lately, drowning, or worse yet: getting one’s phone wet!
3. Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre

Sadly, this iconic amphitheatre is in its final season, but the grounds may well provide homes not only for the rich folks, who will rent the slated luxury apartments, but for Pokémon as well! Current reports have Pokémon being captured in the box office at Irvine Meadows, which makes them particularly exclusive; even the season ticket-holders do not have access to the box office! As of this writing, the box office door is holding strong, but it would not be surprising to read of a security breach in the near future. The headline might go something like this: “Blue Team Arrested for Breaking and Entering Irvine Box Office for Virtual Animal Trapping.”
2. Anaheim City Hall

On the subject of legality, the Anaheim City Hall is currently in use as a battleground / gym for training Pokémon. While the training in question doesn’t have much to do with the law, it’s possible that the traffic the creatures generate could benefit City Hall. Who knows? Maybe criminals with outstanding warrants will forget themselves while playing the game and wander into the arms of their local government only to be captured and forced to clean graffiti for the rest of their days.

1. Downtown Fullerton

It’s true that Downtown Fullerton is infested with Pokémon, and this led to a wondrous bust, just yesterday. Evidently, while two marines were playing the game, they witnessed a predatory man stalking children. After frightening off a woman and her three children, the man laid his hands on another child (who was chasing Pokémon with his mother and brother). The marines took action and detained the man until the Fullerton police arrived. Initially, the man was arrested for child annoyance, but it was soon discovered that he had an outstanding warrant out for attempted murder in Sonoma. The police plan to extradite the man to Sonoma, where he can discover if there are any Pokémon hiding out in the Sonoma jail.

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