Ten Most WTF Music Stories of 2010

We twittered, shared and reposted all these stories ad nauseum in 2010–for a good reason. This year, trashy viral videos made more of an impact than the Grammys, and Antoine Dodson was more memorable than Beatles songs finally getting on iTunes. So the line  blurring of talent and fame is more negligible than ever. Who cares? As long as you retweet it…right?

10. Avenged Sevenfold drummer's cause of death

James Owen Sullivan,
AKA The Rev, died on Dec. 28, 2009, in Huntington Beach at the age of
28. The Avenged Sevenfold drummer was found in his condo; he was first
reported to have died of natural causes. On June 9, the cause of death
was revealed
to have been an acute polydrug intoxication due to
combined effects of oxycodone (OxyContin), oxymorphone (a metabolite of
oxycodone), diazepam (Valium), nordiazepam (a metabolite of diazepam)
and alcohol.

9. Kanye West discovers Twitter and uses it as a soap box

Kanye West signed up for his Twitter account on July 28, no one knew it
was going to be everyone's direct line to West's most intimate
feelings. Well, that, and his shopping list. We all found out that he
thought people from Bonnaroo were “squid brains,” that he's used
gold-encrusted goblets, and that he had beef with the Today show in 140
characters or less.

8. Sublime with Rome 'reunion'
It's one thing
to have a band reunion when all your members are still alive–portly,
but alive. It's another to pluck a 22-year-old lead singer who is a
dead ringer for, well, your dead singer (vocally, anyway) and  perform
all the songs that made you famous 15 years ago. It just seems wrong.
Maybe when they write some new songs?

7. Trufflegate
In May,
the New York Times published a not-so-favorable profile of M.I.A. by
writer Lynn Hirschberg. In it, M.I.A. was revealed as a hypocrite for
leading a contradictory lifestyle–taking about terrorism and Sri
Lankan politics while living in an ultra-rich LA neighborhood with a
billionaire husband. Then M.I.A. refuted these allegations by releasing
her tapes of  the actual interview, forcing the NYT to issue a

6. Tila Tequila vs. the Juggalos
tried to kill Tila Tequila at the annual Gathering Of The Juggalos in
Illinois last August
. The Insane Clown Posse fans were so angry that
Tequila was at their 'underground' Shangri-La that they threw eggs,
poop, cans of Faygo, dildos and diapers at her. Tequila apparently
continued performing once objects started flying, and kept shouting, “I
don't give a fuck!”; she also pulled off her top before she got hit on
the head and was carried away by security. Awesome.

5. Lady Gaga's meat dress

Lady Gaga wore a dress made of real meat at the 2010 VMAs in August. It did not look tasty, but it did become a popular Halloween costume.

4. The worst moment of George Bush's presidency
Kanye West entry
! Well, why not? George W. Bush served two terms. He
was president when terrorists crashed American airplanes into the World
Trade Center and during Hurricane Katrina. And yet, Kanye West calling
him a racist on national TV was the “worst moment of his presidency?”

3. The Dougie (and every other wannabe dance dujour that  tried
to ride on Cali Swag District's fame, such as the Bernie and the
Wheelchair Shawty)

Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie
Uploaded by EMI_Music. – See the latest featured music videos.

Cali Swag District's “Teach Me How to Dougie” was
like bubblegum, so we had to chew it. Apparently, the whole country
felt the same way–from Justin Bieber to Jets wide receiver Braylon
Edwards–who did the Dougies on cornerback Darius Butler after scoring
a touchdown against the New England Patriots. The downside? A bunch of
ridiculous copycat dances, from the Bernie (shuffle around like you're
dead!) to the Wheelchair Shawty (dance like you're disabled and in a

2. Antoine Dodson
Who doesn't know Antoine Dodson's
story by now? A rapist climbed into the Dodson family's apartment in
August, thus becoming a catalyst for the biggest viral video of 2010.
Dodson's virulent tirade against the crime was broadcast on TV and
auto-tuned into a song by the Gregory Brothers. Since then, the
“Bed Intruder Song” feat. the Gregory Brothers and
Kelly Dodson charted on iTunes'
R&B/Soul Chart and turned Dodson into a
bona fide celebrity, with a BET appearance, a hit Halloween costume and
various celebrity endorsements.

1. Imperial Stars get arrested for stupid publicity prank, er…homeless children

Oct. 12, Christopher Wright, Paul Arabella (a.k.a. David Paul Hale) and
Keith Yackey headed for U.S. Highway 101 and blocked three lanes of
traffic at 10:20 a.m. to play one song atop a semi. The lead trio of
the Garden Grove-based Imperial Stars played “Traffic Jam 101” for a
captive Los Angeles audience
–commuters who were stuck in the traffic
jam they caused. Soon after the stunt, the California Highway Patrol
came to arrest the trio and tow the semi; 24 hours later, the band
members were released from jail and celebrated in Hollywood after
posting $10,000 bail. In November, they were charged with conspiracy.
No matter; they're doing a ton of press and “benefit shows”–not to mention they've been offered a TV reality show, so we really hope the homeless children are benefiting from their brushes with the law.

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