Temple Days Lights the Path for a Stellar LIB 2016

Temple Days
Wanderlust Hollywood

Last Saturday, the DoLab and Wanderlust Hollywood joined forces for the second installment of Temple Days, the LIB Lucent Temple of Consciousness pre-party. The party hosted renowned speakers and yogis who put on inspirational workshops and restorative flows, ultimately creating an environment for people to come face to face with their inner self and break free from societal bounds.

Wanderlust, a three-story yoga and meditation compound accented with a garden patio and rooftop lounge on Highland Ave., and the DoLab are, perhaps, the best duo to host an event because of the motivation that lies at the core of each establishment: Transformation. 

An influx of people arrived mid-day to catch Darryl Anka, the spiritual medium who channels the multi-dimensional extraterrestrial that goes by the name of Bashar. The otherworldly being drove home the concept of how important it is for men and women to work together in order to make our world a better place, as we cannot live without the other and need each other for progression. 

Immediately following Bashar, was the Sex and Love Games workshop hosted by Eva Clay and Robert Kandell, who both work in the realm of life coaching and love on a psychological level. “Everything changed after I began studying the female orgasm,” said Kandell, as he introduced himself to a crowd of about 70 people. “And down the rabbit hole I went— it shook me the fuck up!”

The workshop, however, had less to do with sex and more to do with games, or social exercises, that aimed to make you feel exposed, vulnerable and downright awkward. The idea, as Kandell and Clay explained, was to play the “ungame” of love by being completely real through communication and breaking away from the “conspiracy of cool” men and women frequently forge with one another. 

Forced to stand in silence while staring deeply into a strangers eyes for two minutes, followed by addressing the things that make you difficult to be with in relationships is a humbling experience to say the least. Yet by the end of the uncomfortable and slightly emotional hour, ideas of how to better myself in regards to my relations surfaced. Breaking down the walls society establishes between men and women is one way to transform thought process, and thus, oneself. 
The conversation between John Perkins and Dream Rockwell, however, took the cake in terms of the most thought provoking dialogue. Perkins, a New York Times best selling author and activist, and Rockwell, LIB co-founder and founder of Lucent Dossier, attracted the biggest crowd of the day as they discussed ways in which to change the world. “Following your passion and seeing it all the way through is the best thing you can do for the world, and yourself,” said Perkins. “If you’re angry about how things are, direct your anger into action to create change— don’t just let it sit.”

The room was filled with over a hundred enthralled listeners, many of whom took notes and actively cheered upon Perkins’ inspiring words— especially in regards to the political state of America and what we can do to change it. “Never be afraid to express your mind,” he said. “You’ll realize that by doing so, we’re not so different from each other. By not giving up on your passion you give other people a reason to follow theirs. Remember: your heroes didn’t know they were going to be heroes.”

As the discussion came to a close, Rockwell addressed the crowd: “We need to put ourselves back into books and watch less television,” she said. “Television lowers creativity, where as reading activates parts of the brain that make you a better thinker. Instead of watching t.v., try listening to a podcast or an inspirational talk on YouTube,” she said. “The important thing is that you read.”

Following Perkins and Rockwell’s discussion was a movement class that transformed into a massive dance party. The room was sweaty and the beats were earthy, making for a perfect close to a beautiful day. As Temple Days was just a teaser for what will go down in Bradley in just a few months, it’s clear Lightning In a Bottle will be the place to be over Memorial Day weekend. 

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