Ted Cruz to Ladle Up Cash at Pacific Club Luncheon Today

A ferret-faced presidential candidate is scheduled to be in Orange County today.

Can you guess which one?

No, silly, it’s Ted Cruz, the dude our own little dumpling of crazy Orly Taitz says would be as illegitimate a U.S. president as Barack Obama is.

Cruz is scheduled to raise funds at a luncheon at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach.

Tickets are a cool $1,000, meaning you’d better get extra butter on your bread roll for that.

Cruz is scheduled to appear—or at least his voice is—on KFI’s John and Ken program at 5 p.m.

The presumptive only threat to Orly’s main squeeze Donald Trump for the GOP nomination will have done Jimmy Kimmel Live the night before.

I did not stay up to watch but understand Cruz deported Guillermo and at least half of Cleto and the Cletones.

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