Ted Cruz Pushes All the Right GOP Buttons at Irvine Appearance

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz returned to Orange County for the second time in 13 days to lead a boisterous rally at the Hotel Irvine Monday for his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

With 57 days to go before the June 7 California primary, Cruz insisted the Golden State will decide the GOP nominee, that Donald Trump would lose in double digits were he to face Democrat Hillary Clinton and that Cruz is the only Republican who can win the general election.

The emcee was Orange County GOP kingmaker Mike “Vader” Schroeder, who somehow managed to lose the day’s best standup comedy routine to county Supervisor Michelle Steel, who worked her name into her one-minute presentation at every awkward opportunity.


“This is why Orange County, including me, Michelle Steel, supports Ted Cruz.”

For one audience member who made ear muffs with his hands and patted them against the sides of his heads, this is what he heard, according to this on-the-spot report:

“Reagan country Reagan revolution overwhelming force kill the enemy military get the heck out let’s talk a little politics laugh Democrats are a wild-eyed socialist … and Bernie Sanders Hillary boo government housing for her ha two candidates liberty freedom America enemies Constitution jobs wages rising education hope veterans God small business liberals Supreme Court boo religious liberty second amendment world court United Nations boo weak cowards courage hooray they say Ted Donald trump Democrats conservative hooray amen beat Hillary Clinton Christian values.”

Two things come to mind:

1) How does one write notes while making ear muffs with both hands and patting them against your head?

2) Cruz still made more sense than Trump. (Not to be all establishment GOP about it.)

Observed our ear-ached observer: “The crowds (whether left or right) are half-trained animals: they don’t understand English, but the sounds of certain words — “liberty” on the right, “banks” on the left — make them bark.”

Click here to bark along with Teddy boy at Kevin Warn’s ripping slideshow.

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