Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge Coming To Irvine

Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge, the boba milk tea joint based out of Westminster that serves its drinks in reusable glass bottles (Tea + Bottle = Tebo), is opening in Irvine at Culver near the 5 next to Boiling Point.


The Irvine branch is currently hiring, and when it does open it will serve juice drinks and milk teas, but also food just like the original Tebo Tebo, with snacks such as spring rolls, “street food” such as Cajun hot wings, and bigger plates such as grilled lemongrass beef served over vermicelli noodles (Vietnamese bun).

Since they are a Vietnamese-owned outfit, there will likely be bun bo hue (the beef noodle soup from Cental Vietnam) and oc len xao dua (snails in coconut milk), just like their original branch. So what this actually means is that not only will Tebo Tebo be Irvine's umpteenth boba tea joint, it will also join its growing ranks of Vietnamese restaurants.

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