Tebo Tebo Lounge Coming to Irvine

Named Tebo Tebo Lounge because of their tea-in-a-bottle concept (Tea + Bottle = Tebo!), the tea-and-snack house is expanding from their Westminster and Garden Grove locations to Irvine. Serving cold milk teas, regular tea, and Vietnamese-inspired food and desserts, it's smartly situated between Kaya Restaurant and Boiling Point, the former known for its sizzling hot soon dubu, bibimbap, and meats and the latter known for its Taiwanese hot pot. Now, you no longer have to spend 15 minutes wondering about where to cool down your palette after eating at these restaurants.


Milk teas and flavored milk-less teas are Tebo Tebo Lounge's specialty (as its name suggests), but so are its hand-held snacks and full-on meals, which include spring rolls, street-food-not-from-the-street (squid balls and calamari rings are a few), and Vietnamese dishes like bun bo hue and bun with grilled pork. Many of their drinks use Asian flavors like mung bean, pandan, and even the world's most loved aromatic, durian (you know you like it.) And then of course there's shaved ice and brick toast, which everyone in Irvine knows all about already.

No official opening date has been released yet, but let's rejoice for the fact that Irvine folks who live on Culver finally have more dessert options.

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