Tear Jerker

Nobody does camp like John Waters. With a gloriously freakish flourish, the pencil-thin-mustachioed director twists the done-and-done-again tale of star-crossed lovers by setting the story in the ’50s and adding a heaping dose of raunchy humor. Released in 1990, Cry-Baby shows a young Johnny Depp in one of his early weird-yet-still-totally-hot roles as a bad-boy greaser in love with a preppy rich girl played by Amy Locane. Of course, neither enamored teen’s friends or family approve. Thanks to a brilliant cast (Iggy Pop and Ricki Lake also grace the screen) and off-the-wall style, this generic story line was turned into a cult classic.

Wed., Sept. 10, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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