Teacher/Jehovah’s Witness Elder and 27 y.o. Preyed on Middle Schoolers: Police

This week’s edition focuses on two men accused of preying on middle school-age children.

The first was a teacher at the boy’s school and an elder at the boy’s church.

The second met a girl on Snapchat and allegedly communicated with her for three days before flying back east to have sex with her in a motel.

Jason Gorski worked as a schoolteacher at Southwestern Longview Private School in Long Beach for about three or four years before his employment ended in April 2007, according to Buena Park Police Sgt. Mike Lovchik, who adds the business closed when the school year ended two months later. The 43-year-old also attended the Jehovah’s Witness congregation in Cypress with the boy for several years and was appointed as an elder there in May 2007, Lovchik says.

The alleged sexual abuse happened from 2007 to 2009, when the boy’s age ranged from 12 to 15, says Lovchik. Gorski was removed as an elder when the alleged abuse was disclosed in 2009, but he continued attending services in Cypress through his 2010 relocation to Fort Mill, South Carolina, where he joined the local Jehovah’s Witness congregation, according to Lovchik, who adds his department was only informed recently of the alleged abuse that started nine years ago. That led to an investigation that resulted in Gorski’s arrest June 21 for suspected continuous sexual abuse of a child. “Over the years many children have been exposed to Gorski, specifically during his time as a school teacher and church leader,” Lovchik says. “It is believed that additional victims may exist who have not yet reported their abuse to authorities.” Additional victims or people with knowledge of crimes are encouraged to contact the Buena Park Police Department at 714.562.3963.

Jonathan Christy of Placentia was held on $10,000 bail in New Hampshire Thursday for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old Keene girl, according to police there. After meeting the teen via Snapchat, Christy communicated with her for three days and bought her a cellphone before flying from California to New Hampshire to meet her in person, cops claim. The 27-year-old allegedly arranged to pick the girl up from Keene Middle School and take her to the Keene Inn, where they engaged in sexual acts, according to police. On May 11, the girl’s mother reported her daughter’s suspicious contact with Christy to police, who quickly learned the suspect had already left New Hampshire for California. Police issued an arrest warrant for Christy on May 12, and he returned to New Hampshire on Wednesday to answer to the warrant.

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