'Taste of San Juan Capistrano' Tomorrow

I was driving up from San Clemente, passing San Juan Capistrano, when I looked up and saw birds, a flock of them, and I swore they looked like swallows. They turned out to be seagulls (I'm not exactly National Audubon Society material), but it did remind me that the Mission's big event is about a month away.

It is, however, not too early for a lead-up celebration. That's what the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association's “Taste of San Juan” is about: one night, with a $20 entrance fee, about 20 to 25 restaurant participants giving out tastes.

Details after the jump.


The event is being held tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 16, 6-9 p.m. at the El Adobe Restaurant (31891 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano). Tickets available at the SJC Chamber office. For more information, please call (949) 493-4700.

According to the website: Among the attendees scheduled to attend is Dave Emery's Sol de Sur, which we've featured with more than a few write-ups.

Here's the list from last year:

* Bagel Shack
* Simply Fondue
* Marbella Farmers Market
* Sol Del Sur Bistro
* Ruby's Diner
* Thai Juan On
* Ricardo's Place
* Marie Callender's Resturant
* Cafe Mozart
* Donna B's Bakery
* Bad to the Bone BBQ
* Skimmers Panini Café
* The Vintage Steak House
* Mollie's Famous Café
* Dolce Monachelli's
* Sundried Tomato Café of Capistrano
* L'Hirondelle
* O'Neill's Bar and Grill
* El Adobe Resturant
* SteerCrazy International Bar & Grill
* El Molino de Oro
* The Melting Pot
* Metro Java Café
* Sarducci's Café

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