L.A.’s TÜLIPS—all caps with the umlaut, much like you’d write MOTÖRHEAD—are a twin-guitar twin-singer band with twin commitments to the peak moments of shoegaze and riot grrrl. Turns out that means something like Bikini Kill’s Reject All American crossed with the Telescopes’ As Approved By The Committee—and turns out that means TÜLIPS’ new Doom N Bloom album (out now on Lolipop) is ferocious, propulsive and determinedly catchy. (And if you’re thinking about the rocked-out 90s-era Redd Kross as you read this, you aren’t wrong there, either.) Medicine’s Brad Laner came in to mix this for max power—why try lo-fi?—and captures and preserves probably every last ion of this band’s live energy. The last minute of “Hopefully Hopefully” is the exactly the outro this album demands—loud, raucous, joyful and happily exhausting.

Thu., Nov. 19, 8 p.m., 2015

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