Tan Nguyen's Only Friends…

…Yep: the anti-immigrant crowd. At today's raid/media circus at Republican congressional candidate/alleged anti-Latino letter sender Tan Nguyen's office, a contingent of fogies from the California Coalition for Immigration Reform–apparently forgiving Nguyen for faking their letterhead and sending a letter off to 14,000 voters–told anyone who would listen that Nguyen was right: immigrants shouldn't vote. Now another organization, the U.S. Immigration Reform PAC, has issued this statement. In part:

The Washington, D.C.- based U.S. Immigration Reform Political Action Committee (USIRP) reiterated its endorsement for congressional candidate Tan D. Nguyen and said it sees “nothing wrong” with a bulk-mail flier his campaign sent to the foreign-born in Orange County, Calif., warning that illegal immigrants cannot vote.

USIRP Communications Director Phil Kent said, “What is wrong with sending a message that immigrants here illegally cannot vote in elections? A campaign or individual has every right to disseminate that opinion under the First Amendment — especially when you consider this is the No. 1 suspect district in the country because state and federal probes revealed over 1,000 illegal aliens voted in the 1996 November's congressional election.”

Hey, pendejos: Nguyen's letter also said no immigrants can vote, which is a lie. It was also sent to Latino voters, which qualifies as voter intimidation, which qualifies as breaking federal law. For an organization devoted to combating lawbreakers, it's strange for you folks to support one, no?

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