Takoyaki Vendor and Others Coming To Costa Mesa's Mitsuwa For Week-Long “Customer Appreciation Event”

The Mitsuwa food fair you've been waiting for…doesn't happen until September. But if you simply can't wait for the Japanese market's massive Hokkaido Fair, there are mini demonstration sales like the one starting this weekend where just a handful of vendors come to sell their wares.

Mitsuwa is calling this one a “Customer Appreciation” event, which is so small scale I got none of the usual reminders from Mitsuwa's PR people.


According to the store calendar, starting tomorrow (Friday, February 13) and lasting a week until next Monday (February 23), the Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa will host three temporary food stands:

Takoyaki from a vendor called Kukuru; sweet and savory crepes from a vendor called Justice; and seafood bentos with sea urchin, crab and squid from one called Otaru Tachiuri.

Small as it is, why does anyone go to Mitsuwa's food fairs if not for the takoyaki!

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