Take a Dab of Sunshine with Canna Hemp: Our Toke Of The Week!

As a firm believer in the power of rituals I sat down after an exhausting work day to get “lit”, stare at the Netflix menu, and try to not think about anything other than food. Normally I would have opted for the knockout effects from one of my favorite Indica strains but tonight was different. Tonight I wanted to try the lastest wax offering from the people at Canna Hemp. Each dab contains 99% pure CBD extract and is THC free.

Derived from organically cultivated hemp, you can expect to feel like you just won the lottery when medicating with this butane free sauce. Ideal for use with a wax vaporizer or dab rig, just be careful, my supply was gone before I had a chance to properly get to know it and now I’m stuck watching the Golden Girls without my new best friend. The taste is pure sunshine mixed with a hint of spice and will have you feeling “nice” in no time. Lucky for you our recent readers choice winner for “Best Dispensary” keeps their shelves stocked with Canna Hemp’s brand of signature sauces available to anyone who is looking to “unwind”.

1625 E St. Gertrude Place
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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