Taco USA Gets Praise from Booklist!

I've written two books before, but neither of them were ever reviewed by Booklist, the official review magazine of the American Library Association, and the bible for librarians nationwide to determine what books to buy for their collections. Gracias a Dios, the publication not only decided to review my upcoming Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America, but also give it some love!

The review isn't available online but will appear in their March edition. They say the book has a “chatty, lighthearted style” and that I have “mordant wit,” which is pretty cool because I don't even think I'm particularly funny! The reviewer also noted how the spread of Mexican food in this country and its subsequent “transformation raises a host of questions for Arellano about the definition of authentic Mexican cooking.” What are those questions? You'll find out April 10–preorder today!

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