Taco Truck Wars in Santa Ana Anew!

Aren't ustedes sick of the camaraderie that exists between these new-wave loncheras? That big street food festival that happened recently in LA? Or those that hit up local spots like the Bruery, all nice and cooperative? Nah, give me the days of fights, of stealing and selling routes, of good ol' fashioned, non-trendy lonchera capitalism.

Actually, those battles continue on the streets of SanTana, the county's longest-standing lonchera scene. The guys at Los Hermanos Lonchera Sin Fronteras like to park Friday and Saturday nights just outside Memphis in SanTana's Artists Village and have been doing so for months. Recently, they've had to deal with competition from a newer lonchera, one selling non-Mexican food that I won't name because I like them and want to spare them the embarrassment of defeat.

The invader parked just down the street from Los Hermanos for only a couple of weeks–the drunks spilling out from Memphis and the area's other bars preferred Los Hermanos' big burritos, Sonora dogs, and tasty tacos to the other truck's rarefied offerings. This was the second lonchera Los Hermanos beat back–previously, they slaughtered some wabs with a taco van. Survival of the tastiest–love it!

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