Taco Bell to Test Pot Brownie Taco in Colorado Before Debuting it Nationwide

Over the past couple of years, Taco Bell has reinvigorated itself with genius offerings like the Doritos Loco Taco and (recently) the waffle taco. Mexican-food purists have howled; America has responded by spending billions of dollars on the former and already lining up for the latter.

Now, in their next genius move, Taco Bell has announced that they're testing a pot brownie taco in–where else?–Colorado, a place that recently legalized marijuana and loves crazy ass Mexican food creations like the Mexican hamburger and chile rellenos fried in wonton wrappers.


“We've determined that Colorado is a great place for our pot brownie taco,” says Pepito Alburista, a food scientist with the Bell. “We're going to debut it on April 20 and hope for the best.”

Alburista describes the taco as somewhere between their waffle taco and the Choco-Taco: more sweet than savory, with a soft shell made of marijuana-laced chocolate and fluffed up like a waffle. The ingredients inside the pot brownie taco, however, will be standard taco fare: ground meat, sour cream, and lettuce.

Taco Bell is currently asking for suggestions on what to name this taco. Asked if he thinks it'll be a hit, Alburista laughed. “It's pot. It's a brownie. It's a taco. It's a pot brownie taco. Stoners alone guarantee it'll be a success, and our core audience will eat ANYTHING that we label a taco. What newspaper are you with again?

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