Taco Bell Pizza Hut Crime of the Week: Man Arrested for Illegally Frying Chicken Wings!

We usually devote this column to the many strange crimes that occur at Taco Bell, and there were some funny ones this past week for the Irvine-based giant–but nothing as bizarre as what happened at its corporate sister, Pizza Hut.

From St. Cloud, Minnesota:

A 21-year-old former criminal-justice major is accused of FUI–frying under the influence.

The troubles for the man started about 1:25 a.m. Friday, when he
tripped the alarm where he works, Pizza Hut in the 100 block of Seventh
Avenue South in St. Cloud, authorities said.

“He had access to the building, but he just didn't reset the alarm,” said Police Lieutenant Jerry Edblad.

Officers arrived and found the restaurant's back door open. They came
upon the man inside and saw that he had tried to deep-fry some boneless
chicken wings, police said. The marinara sauce must not have been to
his liking; police say he threw some on the wall.

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