Taco Bell Del Taco Crime of the Week: Drive-Thru Pants-less!


There were a lot of great crimes committed in Taco Bells this week, like the employee who fought off a would-be robber with a mop–but NOTHING beats what happened at a Mission Viejo Del Taco this week.

As reported by the esteemed Food Frenzy blogger Niyaz Pirani for the Orange County Register:

An informant reported an indecent exposure incident in which a man
came through the drive-thru of Del Taco restaurant without pants.

The man was in a brown Honda and had a pit bull with him in the car,
the informant said. The incident was 1:03 a.m. Tuesday in the 26200
block of Avery Parkway. Deputies arrived to the scene, but did not
locate the suspect.

Del Taco employees did not want to file a report, said Dep. Darren Sandberg of Mission Viejo Police Services.

PRICELESS! But Niyaz: was it a Mexi, or a methed-out gabacho who did the deed? 'Cause both like pit bulls, you know…anyhoo, great job!

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