Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Wheelchair-Bound Woman Rams Her Way Into Taco Bell . . . With Her Wheelchair!

If this series has shown anything, it's that there are no bounds to the lengths people will go to order something from Taco Bell. We had the story a couple of weeks ago about someone firebombing a Bell because the chalupa didn't contain enough meat. But a woman from Elkhart, Indiana, might've topped that story: Not only did she try to order at a drive-thru from her wheelchair, but when they wouldn't take her order, she also crashed her way into the Taco Bell with the help of said wheelchair!

Roll the figurative tape!

A woman in a wheelchair was arrested after she rammed herself through a glass door at an Elkhart Taco Bell.

Amber Harvey is charged with criminal mischief.

Police say she tried to order food in the drive-thru
without being in a vehicle Sunday. Then got mad when employees refused
to serve her.

Harvey drove her wheelchair into the front door of the restaurant, breaking the glass.

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