Taco Bell Crime of the Week: The Funniest Little Taco Bell in Tracy, California!

Since it's a new year, let's start with an innocuous crime, in the hope Taco Bells won't host as many bad crimes anymore, the kind we largely stay away from here.


Let's go with two funny stories from wherever the hell Tracy, California is:

A clerk called at 11:41 p.m. to report a “flash mob” at Taco Bell, 915
S. Tracy Blvd. He said he wanted police to talk to the teenage girls and
clear them from the business. The police called the girls' parents, who
picked them up. The teens were supposed to be staying at a friend's
house, and they left without permission.

A caller reported her co-worker at Taco Bell, 2880 W. Grant Line Road,
was blackmailing her He told her he would report her to their corporate
office if she did not comply.

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