Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Store Manager Steals $500 to Buy Heroin

It takes a special type of worker to rise from mere peon to the administration: hard-working, smart, and…heroin-using to the point of stealing from your company? That is exactly what happened in Sandusky, Ohio, recently, when a Taco Bell store manager admitted to the crime.


Roll the presses!

A fast-food manager was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing more than $500 from the restaurant's safe and using it to buy heroin, food and cigarettes.

Samantha Flesher, 31, 7000 block Joppa Road, was charged with felony safecracking and misdemeanor theft.

Flesher is a manager at Taco Bell on Ohio 60, just south of Vermilion. She left a note for one of her shift supervisors on Thursday morning, indicating someone else had counted the store's cash for the day, and the supervisor should use the extra time for employee training, according to an Erie County deputy's report.

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