Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Stolen Laptop Recovery!

Advice to anyone who ever steals a laptop: use it in the privacy of your home. DON'T use it in public, where the former owner just might get the munchies and visit Taco Bell and…

Here's the rest of the story. From Manchester, New Hampshire:

One of the first prison inmates released under the controversial
Senate Bill 500 parole-reform law was arrested Wednesday and charged
with two felonies, including felon in possession of a firearm,
authorities said.

Mark Ouellette, 23, who told police he was
homeless, was paroled on Nov. 1, 9 months before his maximum release
date as required by the new law. On Nov. 5, he failed to make contact
with his parole officer, who issued an arrest warrant for Ouellette.

Wednesday afternoon, police arrested him at the Taco Bell on South
Willow Street. He was arrested after a Cilley Road homeowner recognized
the laptop computer case Ouellette was carrying. The man had reported
the laptop stolen from his home less than an hour earlier, said
Manchester police Sgt. Dana Langton.

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