Taco Bell Crime of the Week: State Trooper Who Left Drunk Mexican at Taco Bell That Later Died Gets His Job Back

Faithful readers of this column may remember the sad case of the Mexican immigrant who was pulled over for drunk driving in Ohio, failed his sobriety test, was ridiculed by the state troopers who dropped him off, was dropped off at a Taco Bell, then was run over and killed by another driver. It just shows how cheap a Mexican's life is in Ohio that the state troopers responsible for such a tragedy were barely disciplined. And now comes an even-bigger insult: One of the troopers involved, who was actually fired for his incompetence, is now getting his job back AND getting the wages lost during his downtime.


From a police-apologist website that lifted the article from the Columbia Dispatch:

A State Highway Patrol trooper who was fired after failing to arrest a drunken driver during a stop on I-71 will get his job back, an arbitrator has ruled.

The trooper, Sean Carpenter, also will be paid for part of the time he was out of work.

Carpenter, 39, was fired in April for conduct unbecoming an officer and for failing to perform his duty after a July 2012 incident involving a drunken driver in Delaware County.

Carpenter and two Delaware County deputy sheriffs found the driver, Uriel Juarez Popoca, on July 28 on an I-71 median near the Rts. 36/37 interchange. Popoca, 22, spoke Spanish and understood little English. The officers can be heard making fun of his speech in footage from their dashboard cameras.

The officers took Popoca to a Taco Bell on Rts. 36/37, joking that someone there would understand him. Popoca left the restaurant shortly after being dropped there and was struck and killed by a passing driver.

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