Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Slip 'n' Sue!

Don't get me wrong–if someone gets hurt to to a restaurant's negligence, they deserve restitution. But slipping and falling at a Taco Bell and wanting $74,000 for it because the Bell didn't have a “Slippery When Wet” sign? Sounds like a bit much.

From the Houston area…

A man is suing Taco Bell after, he says, he slipped and fell in the restaurant.

Kenneth Stewart filed a lawsuit on Dec. 1 in the Harris County District Court against Taco Bell, alleging negligence.

Stewart says that in December of 2009, while visiting the Taco Bell
located at 3703 FM 1960 Road, he was seriously injured when he slipped
and fell on water on the floor. According to the brief, the floor was
left slippery and wet with no warning signs posted.

Stewart is seeking $74,000 in damages.

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