Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Redditor 'Fesses to Making Package that Cops Thought was a Bomb!

I don't do much Reddit for reasons I'm not quite sure, but what I've always liked about the site is its tequila-like ability to make people confess to anything and everything. It's on Reddit that people have confessed to murders, to taking baths in fast-food restaurant sinks, to killing JFK and even being there at Roswell. And it's in that vein where a guy recently confessed to inadvertently setting off a bomb scare when he brought a Taco Bell package wrapped duct tape to a high school in northern California.


From up north:

An anonymous online commenter has said he unknowingly caused a bomb scare that led to a lockdown of Del Campo High School in April.

In a comment posted late Tuesday on Reddit.com, a person using the name “accidental_bomber” wrote that, “I accidentally created a bomb threat at Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks California (suburb near Sacramento) by way of a Taco Bell 12 buck box wrapped in duct tape.”

According to News10.net, a package was found on the school's driveway at about 10 a.m. April 30 and deemed suspicious. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department was called to investigate and students and faculty were advised to shelter in place immediately, San Juan Unified School District spokesman Trent Allen said at the time.

The sheriff's department's bomb squad sprayed water on the package before looking inside and discovering a Taco Bell wrapper covered in duct tape, Allen said at the time.

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