Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Man Gets Hit With Chair for Burping!

I must say that in my many, many years of reviewing restaurants–hell, eating at restaurants–I've been lucky to not see people unleash bodily functions in public. I've seen maybe three people vomit outside restaurants (and they were restaurants with booze, mind you), and cannot remember ever hearing someone burp or fart.

That must mean I'm not eating much at Taco Bell, which just saw a customer smacked with a chair because he burped. Yikes!


From our friends at the Smoking Gun, reporting from South Carolina:

A Taco Bell patron grabbed a fellow diner around the throat and struck him with a chair after accusing the victim of not excusing himself after he burped inside the South Carolina eatery.

Isaiah Morris, 20, told cops that he and a friend were “sitting in a booth eating” Sunday afternoon when an unknown white male asked if he “had just belched and not said excuse me,” according to a Tega Cay Police Department report.

When Morris (seen at right) asked the man what he had said, the attacker picked up a chair and struck Morris in the elbow. Morris said that the man then grabbed him by the throat and tried to head-butt him. At that point, Cara Martin, a 17-year-old Taco Bell worker, interceded and ordered the man to leave the restaurant.

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