Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Man Bites Off Girlfriend's Thumb?!

Most of the crimes featured in this series happen within the vicinity of a Taco Bell, but far more disturbing are those committed while in the process of going to a Taco Bell. What sort of depraved person commits a crime, then decides to splurge on fast-food Mexican?

Ricardo Davis of Florida, apparently, as the authorities have charged him with biting off the thumb of a woman while on the way to dropping her off at a Taco Bell, where she worked.

From some television station in Alabama, where you expect these things to go down:

A Palm Bay man is accused of biting off the thumb of his on-and-off again girlfriend during a fight in a car.

incident began Wednesday night with a call from a nurse at Holmes
Regional Medical Center, Palm Bay police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez

nurse advised (the victim) was treated for a severed left thumb, and
that the woman continued to say, 'I can't believe he bit my finger
off,'” she said.

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