Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Illegal Towing that Leads to Reform!

It's rare that a crime leads to positive reform without the victim suffering too bad, but that's what happened last week in Indianapolis, when WTHR-TV Channel 13 conducted an investigation of a tow truck company that involved them duping the bastards by leaving a news truck at Taco Bell.

From Indianapolis:

An exclusive 13 Investigates story got immediate action at the City-County Building.

Eyewitness News has learned the mayor is
going after unfair towing companies that may be preying on unsuspecting
drivers. In our investigation, we showed how trucks swoop in and, in a
matter of minutes, tow cars from parking lots all over the city.

Viewer complaints prompted the three-month
investigation into some local towing companies taking vehicles thanks to
a loophole in state law. Instead of waiting 24 hours to tow, they
trucks are removing them immediately.

A company lookout sits for hours, marking
targets and calling for the tow. That included an Eyewitness News
vehicle parked at a Taco Bell restaurant near downtown.

“It was an improper tow, you should just be
giving me my car back,” Eyewitness News Anchor Andrea Morehead told a
worker at Interstate Towing.

Morehead got the news truck back without having to pay the $175 fee. But some viewers weren't as lucky.

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