Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Fake Kidnapping!

A real kidnapping is a tragedy, one of the worst possible crimes imaginable. Pretending to get kidnapped, on the other hand, is disgraceful. And telling police you were kidnapped but really weren't but you told cops because you wanted to hide your gambling trip from your mom? An arrestable offense and HILARIOUS.

From somewhere called League City, Texas:

A woman was in custody Thursday after police say she lied to
investigators about an apparent kidnapping at a League City Taco Bell
last weekend.

Police said Kimberly Michelle Walker, 31, told police that she and
her boyfriend were exiting the parking lot in the 1700 block of West
Main when two armed suspects entered their vehicle and demanded to be
driven to Louisiana.

Walker said they drove to Morganza, Louisiana, where she told police they dropped off the suspects.

Police said they investigated the incident and discovered
inconsistencies with Walker's story. Walker eventually confessed to
making up the story due to gambling in Louisiana and not getting home
when she told her mom she would be, police said.

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