Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Employees Ignore Abused Kitty!

Since this is the holiday season, better a story of warmth than one of mankind's many misgivings. In Michigan, a woman happened upon a cat in a Taco Bell parking lot with a broken leg and rescued it. Poor kitty had to have one of his legs and part of his tail amputated, and the woman is seeking donations to make up for the nearly $1,000 in legal bills incurred.

But the real crime? Taco Bell employees noticed the malnourished cat hanging around their parking lot and did nothing.
From Grand Blanc Towship:

Gretchen Sommer couldn't just look the other way once she saw a hobbled
gray cat in a Taco Bell parking lot here. She just didn't know the cost
of her caring.

Sommer tried to coax the limping
feline to her with food. Then she waited, hoping he would relax enough
to be moved, and eventually live-trapped him, before finding out the cat
needed more than $900 in surgery to amputate one of his back legs and
part of his tail.

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