Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Drunk Customer Starts High-Speed Pursuit!

Given the many intoxicated and high people who patronize Taco Bell, I'm surprised more high-speed pursuits don't involve the Bell in one form or another, especially in Southern California. So we have to travel to Corning, New York to see such a crime happen.

Roll the tape (the link also includes a HILARIOUS picture of the guy tossed from his overturned vehicle):

A Corning police sergeant drove off-road through plowed fields as he pursued a suspected drunken driver around 1:20 p.m. Monday.

Corning police received a call from a Taco Bell employee stating a
customer who appeared intoxicated had just left the fast-food restaurant
in a light brown Ford Ranger, providing the license plate and direction of travel, said Sgt. Ralph Schmidt.

Schmidt said he saw the eastbound suspect vehicle traveling on the 1300 block of Solano Street just a few minutes later.

“The driver was driving slower than the normal speed and drifted into
another lane traveling in the same direction,” Schmidt said.

He attempted to make a traffic stop on the Ranger.

“At first I thought he was going to stop, then all of a sudden he
took off and I had to go after him,” Schmidt said. Accelerating at
speeds of 40-45 mph, the pursuit went south on Second Street to Fig Lane
where the driver, later identified as Jeffrey Eugene Potter, 61, of
Vina, went through the stop sign onto Kirkwood Road without stopping,
the sergeant reported.

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