Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Crude Hand Gesture at the Drive-Thru!

I wish I knew what the referred-to “crude hand gesture” in the story was–the bird? The British two-finger? Mexican puñetero? Italian thumb-flick? Arab five-fingers-on-the-palm? The world will never know. . . . Anyhoo, the crime.

From the great state of Illinois:

He may have come seeking a late-night burrito, but a 30-year-old
Darien man was instead arrested for his abusive drive-through behavior,
which prompted employees of a Downers Grove fast-food restaurant to call

James F. Rodgers, 30, of the 8100 block of Dickens Circle, was
arrested Feb. 7 outside the Lemont Road Taco Bell. He is accused of
harassing the driver of a car in front of him–using offensive hand
gestures, repeatedly ramming the car and shouting taunts out his
window, Downers Grove police said Monday.

One of the taunts shouted was “What's up, fat boy? You ordering all the food? Leave some for me,” police reports said.

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