Taco Bell Crime of the Week: College Football Players Falling Asleep in Parking Lot, High on Weed!


I can't remember the last time Baylor University was competitive in college football–I can't even tell you what part of Texas it plays in. But with a 4-2 record this year, the arrest of two players is sure to make the Bears go down, down, down.


From Baylor's student newspaper:

Baylor receiver Joshua Caleb Gordon and tight end Willie Herbert
Jefferson III were arrested on charges of misdemeanor marijuana
possession at 2:15 a.m. Sunday outside the Taco Bell near campus.

Sgt. Melvin Roseborough, public information officer of the Waco Police
Department, said two men were found in a vehicle in the parking lot of
the Taco Bell on Cleveland Avenue. The driver of the vehicle was passed
out and police found a bag of marijuana in the central console of the
vehicle, Roseborough said.

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