Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Can't Match Stolen Credit Card to ID!

Stealing credits cards is always bad, but . . . if you're going to do that, doesn't it make sense to use it at places where a photo ID won't be needed? And shouldn't one use it for major purchases instead of whipping it out for a beverage at Taco Bell? And, after getting discovered, shouldn't you stay away from said Taco Bell instead of returning weeks later and using the stolen credit card again?

Tell that to Amber Melissa Sarahgina.

From somewhere in the California boonies:

Clearlake Police made an arrest Thursday in
connection to property that was stolen in April. Amber Melissa
Sarahgina, 36, of Clearlake was arrested on burglary and forgery

According to Sergeant R. Joseph, on April 18, the police were notified of
a woman in the Taco Bell drive-thru attempting to make a purchase with a credit
card that was reported lost or stolen. When the Taco Bell
employee ran the card, Joseph said, it came back with hold on it. The employee asked
the customer for identification, which she provided. However, Joseph
said, the name on the identification matched the credit card, but the
picture did not match the person who was trying to use it.

Joseph said that when the employee went to notify the restaurant
manager, the woman, who had already received the beverage in her order,
drove away. Authorities were requested, and the area was searched; however,
the blue van described as the suspect vehicle was not located.

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