Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Bills as Fake as the Enchirito!

You know times are tough when people resort to trying to pass counterfeit money at a Taco Bell. At a Taco Bell, where a bum can feast like a king for three bucks. Strange days indeed…or is it just Florida?

From Panama City:

The Panama City Police Department has arrested a teen and charged him
with tendering a counterfeit bill at Taco Bell and possession of
marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

On Aug. 10, Taco Bell at 4020 W. 23rd St. reported receiving a
counterfeit $20 bill to PCPD. An investigation identified Brandon
Christopher Gunn Webb, 17, as a suspect. Webb was arrested at about 3:30
p.m. Friday and had marijuana and drug paraphernalia with him, police

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