Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Arrested for Snorting Percocet in a Parking Lot!


What the hell is Percocet, anyway? The details after the jump!


From somewhere called Raynham:

A Taunton man was arrested earlier this month for the illegal
possession of Percocet after a Raynham patrolman saw him allegedly
taking the drug in a Taco Bell parking lot.

Officer Peter Beatrice was on routine patrol just before 6 p.m. on
Sept. 6 when he spotted two people in a black Toyota parked near the
drive-thru window of the South Street West eatery.

As he drove up behind the vehicle, the officer noticed a woman in the
passenger seat “ducking down and reaching into the center console,” the
police report states.

He approached the car and saw a man, later identified as Dean Defreitas
of South Crane Avenue in Taunton, cutting up a pill with a credit card,
a process consistent with preparing an illegal drug for snorting.

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