Taco Bell Commissions YouTube Filmmakers For Commercial

The popular YouTube filmmakers FreddieW, whose videos feature action, special effects, and a milk-spewing superhero, was approached by Taco Bell to create a commercial for the company's new FieryDLT. The video FreddieW has made incorporates their usual CGI flair and stars the two filmmakers.

It isn't certain whether the spot will ever broadcast on actual television as a commercial (it's actually not as funny or novel as FreddieW's usual videos) but it's already doing what I'm pretty sure the Taco Bell suits hoped it would do: be viewed by FreddieW's 6.2 million subscribers (not to mention when it goes viral).


With that kind of built-in audience willing to watch the video voluntarily (and not fast-forward through it on the TiVo), perhaps it was never in Taco Bell's plan to get it on TV in the first place.

It also seemed easy as pie for FreddieW to make the video. Taco Bell only approached them a week ago.

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