Syrian Americans Drive From Anaheim To NYC To Thank Family of Slain Journalist

​They could have gone with a thank-you card. 
Instead, an overachieving group of Syrian Americans have packed into a couple vans and are headed to New York to show their gratitude to the family of Marie Colvin, an American journalist who died last month while covering the Syrian conflict.
At 3:45 a.m. last Thursday, the “Marie Colvin Convoy” departed from Anaheim's Little Arabia. It started with 12 passengers and hopes to pick up more on its various stops, including Arizona, Texas and Chicago, where the vehicles are stationed today. Wanna cram into a van decked out with bald eagles and “Free Syria” logos? Come on in! 


For the cross-country trekkers, the mission of the convoy is to “highlight the growing bloodshed and brutality of the government crackdown on Syria's revolutionary movement, raise funds for humanitarian aid for victims of the regime, and demand the international community to take immediate action to protect the people of Syria from the Assad regime's brutality.” 
Along with meeting Colvin's family in East Norwich, New York, the activists plan to speak with UN officials in Manhattan, and join the “United We Stand for Syria” rally at the White House on the 17th. The convoy will return to Anaheim on March 20. Find updates on its Facebook page.   
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