Sweetee Thai Opens S. T. Noodle Bar in Long Beach

This week, the Sweetee Thai family of restaurants, which includes the eateries in Cypress and Artesia, opened a new place in Long Beach they're dubbing S. T. Noodle Bar.

S. T. focuses on noodles. Khao soi, boat noodle, and rad nah are their specialties. But there's everything else you expect from a Thai joint, including rice, apps and a “Crying Tiger” salad.


What seems to distinguish the place from the parent restaurants is the decor, which skews to the chic and modern, with planters on the wall and kooky chandeliers and such.

And then there's the promotional video it posted on its Facebook this week that makes it look like you need to be in your slinkiest club-hopping clothes before you plan on slurping the noodles.

4152 Norse Way, Long Beach, California, (562) 425-7535; http://stnb.co/

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