Sweet Relief's Coachella Auction Will Get You Ridiculously Close to Arcade Fire

It may be hard to believe, but Coachella is a mere month away. With the event right around the corner and legions of fans set to invade Southern California, there's a feeling of excitement in the air that happens around this time every year. In order to capitalize, and to raise funds for musicians in need, Fullerton-based Sweet Relief is auctioning off one-of-a-kind experiences that would make even the most hardened Coachella veteran blush.

If you go to Sweet Relief's auction page on Charity Buzz, your mouth may drop when you see what you could bid on. Want to watch the Arcade Fire, Lorde and Foster The People from the side of the stage with a friend? Then pony up some money and the experience is yours. If that doesn't suit you, then maybe meeting Saturday night's headliner Muse is more your speed. All of these auctions come with two VIP tickets, so you'll be hobnobbing with the A-listers while the rest of us drown in the desert heat.


The Coachella items up for bid are as follows:

Side Stage + 2 VIP tix with Arcade Fire Weekend 1

Side Stage + 2 VIP tix with Foster The People Weekend 1

Meet & Greet + 2 VIP tix with Muse Weekend 1

Side Stage + 2 VIP tix with Lorde Weekend 2

General Sweet Relief Auction Items Page

These items are just the first in a slew of items/experiences Sweet Relief will be auctioning off in the run-up to the country's most popular music event of the year. If none of those items are to your liking, then you can be a mensch and donate to the Sweet Relief fund, which takes care of professional musicians who are struggling with their finances while needing medical care.

So browse their page, and you may see something you like that's non-Coachella related. Either way, you win.

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