Sushi Bear Replaces Sushi Kappo Suzumaru in Tustin

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I’m not sure how long Sushi Kappo Suzumaru had been open in Tustin before it closed earlier this year, but for sure it’d been a Tustin staple for more than a decade. The first article I found about it in our archives is dated August 25, 2005, so it was definitely part of the old-school group that included Honda Ya and Tommy’s Sushi.

Now a new sushi joint called Sushi Bear has replaced it. Sushi Bear, according to its website, used to be based in Las Vegas, but I think that just means that its owner/chef used to work in Sin City before moving here.

Sushi Bear bills itself as serving “Fusion Roll and Sake in Style”, but if you look at its menu, it seems that the “style” is X-rated. These are the actual names of sushi rolls they make: “Taste Like My Ex-Girlfriend”, “3 Hours Nonstop”, and best of all, “68 and I Owe You One”.

17292 McFadden Ave. Ste B, Tustin, CA 92780

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