Surfrider American Pale Ale, Our Drink of the Week!

Heading into this hot-and-humid-as-H-E-double-matchsticks summer, I decided that for the season I'd put aside my usual suspects–India pale ales, double IPAs and anything with enough alcohol by volume to choke a Clydesdale–in favor of brews I could drink vats of without the resulting headaches, hangovers and trips before the judge. One of my favorite session beers, as the boys in twirly mustaches call them, was served at the Surfrider Foundation's 31st birthday celebration at their San Clemente headquarters on Aug. 12.


The Dudes' Brewing Co. of Torrance has whipped up a special Surfrider American Pale Ale that packs a clean, fresh taste thanks to a pleasing blend of Australian Summer, New Zealand Motueka, German Hull Melon and American Simcoe hops. At only 5.2 percent APV, bring on the endless summer of swilling–on behalf of the nonprofit keeping your favorite beach from becoming toxic swill!

Disclaimer: The dudes at Dudes' have not yet updated its online locator to show where Surfrider American Pale Ale is being sold. Find their South Bay Session IPA (5% APV) at: Seal Beach Liquor; Sam's Liquor in Lake Forest; Frank's Liquor in Westminster; Viking Liquor in Sunset Beach; Cobblestone Liquor in Placentia; His Nib's Liquor in Anaheim; Whole Foods Newport Center; Pinot's Palette and Bradley's Fine Wines N Spirits in Tustin; and Brea, Tustin, Laguna Hills and Huntington Beach Total Wine N More stores.

The Dudes' Brewing Co., 1840 W. 208th St., Torrance, (424) 271-2915;

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