Surf Up Along Orange Coast Tonight Through late Tuesday (Maybe Thursday)

Late this evening and for 30 hours thereafter, high surf is forecast to pound the Orange Coast north of Newport Beach, according to the National Weather Service.

Forecasters also warn of possible flooding in Seal Beach and Sunset Beach.

The high surf, which is the result of a long-period swell, is expected to bring waves of 5 to 7 feet this evening, rising to between 7 and 10 feet by Tuesday morning and then persisting through late Tuesday night, which some sets possibly reaching 12 feet, says the NWS.

An additional westerly swell could have high surf sticking around off our coast through Wednesday or even Thursday, the predicters predict.

The long-period swell already settled in the Central California coast late last week.

Just ask Garrett McNamara.

The pro surfer broke his arm at Mavericks Thursday in what he called one of the “craziest” wipeouts of his career.

Love the commentary:

Forecasters issued a beach hazards warning for our region and urged beachgoers to always swim near lifeguards and, if caught in a rip current, to swim parallel to shore until free of it.

“High surf may cause minor beach erosion on exposed west-facing shores,” reads an NWS statement. “The large waves and strong currents will create a risk of ocean drowning. Sneaker waves can suddenly overrun previously dry beaches and jetties. Minor flooding of low-lying beach parking lots, harbor walkways, and campgrounds will be possible.”

As for the skies, the NWS says it will be partly cloudy today, sunny Tuesday and colder, cloudy and possibly rainy Wednesday before giving way to cloudy skies and highs from the low to mid 60s Thursday through Sunday.

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